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Namaz being the most important , Learn to offer prayer

Namaz is one of major pillar of islam and its important for a muslim to offer salat to be called as muslim and to follow the instructions of islam. Namaz is offen reffered as a talk to Allah almighty , A muslim praise Allah almighty and holy prophet in namaz and at the end begs Allah’s blessings. We have a firm belief that only Allah almighty can do anything because he is the whole sole creator of this universe and he has sent us to test that who performs well , so we should try to do what he says in Holy quran , Allah ta’allah has talked about namaz almost 700 times in holy quran , to learn namaz now , here is a simple namaz guide


May Allah bless you all


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I want to Learn Quran

If this is the thing in your mind , Allah almighty has surely blessed you and He want you to be on the right track , Learning quran is not such an easy task to be done in couple of minutes , it takes couple of months even couple of years if you haven’ tsome qualified quran learning tutor available near to your home.
A small girl reading holy quran
An Introduction
I am here to provide a basic introduction on how to Learn Quran now. There are different ways of learning quran. You can consult your local people to find a good quran tutor near to your home but it would be a difficult task , the other method is easy and effective. You can  search on the internet to find an online quran tutor for you or your kids. Learning quran online is effective and most appropriate method i usually recommend to my family and friends.  You don’t have to do a lot of hard work and you start your classes with well known qualified quran tutors.

Online quran learning has been promoted for last three years due to its importance and efficiency. Your kids learn holy quran soon as compared to the conventional way of learning the holy quran.

Following are some of the benefits you will acquire by learning quran online.

1) You can find the most appropriate quran tutor for your kid
2) if you wanna search for a quran learning teacher , online quran teaching is the most easiest solution for you.

Hope it will help you to learn quran easily and effectively,Jazakallah

Convenient Quran Classes for kids and adults online

Don’t you think that it was a difficult thing to search for a quran academy or to find schedules of quran classes and then choosing the most appropriate one for your kids for their quran education? The major problem was that it was difficult for most of the parents because they were even unable to take some time to do that. Online quran classes solved their problem by introducing online classes for kids and adults through convenient and easy conversational software. Online classes organized by the institutes having aim to spread Allah’s message try to make it easy and affordable for the people to learn quran from them. I proudly admire those quran schools offering quran classes at lowest possible charges(they should charge to meet their expenses) but would recommend you to ignore such institutes who just have an aim to earn more..
I found a review and online quran academies and was surprised to see that there is a hell of difference of charges between different quran schools. Some offer one to one quran classes at 45$ per month while some at 60$ , and some even provide quran classes free of cost(you should meet some conditions to take free classes). Anyways here is the review.

Quran academies review

My original aim was to discuss the convenient corner of online quran classes , here are some of the things where you would surely see the benefits of online learning.

1) Can you go to the mosque with your kid to see that how is your kids progressing or even can you sit with your kid while he/she is taking quran classes at home(probably no because you don’t wanna disturb him/her)? Surely no ,
You can sit with your kid whenever you would like when he/she would be taking online classes without hesitation because your kid will be involved with the quran tutor on computer

2) Its difficult to know that how your kid is progressing while he is taking manual classes but online quran classes are the easiest and most appropriate way to see the progress of your kid .

There are a number of other advantages which i would surely discuss with you , the top most quran academy according to the above review offers free quran learning and quran classes at lowest charges so would like to link to them , here is there link
Online Quran Classes
Its time to go , Thankyou for reading , May Allah bless you