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Guidelines to start teaching the holy quran

The importance of Teaching Holy Quran in Islam can’t be denied. Knowledge doesn’t decreases by spreading , in fact it increases becomes your memory becomes more and more powerful as you continue sharing. According to Islam the only true knowledge is the teachings of Islam and quran.
Teaching the quranSo its necessary for us to learn holy quran and spread it.Here we will discuss the basic issues related to quran teaching.If you are capable of quran learning and reading and you have a desire to make other people understand holy quran then you must follow the following steps. Found a most appropriate basic rules book because this would be the first book which you would start teaching. Have a complete overlook of it and start your first class. Your all concentration while teaching should be to make the kid pronounce the letters well because if the kid will be able to read the basic alphabets correctly, he would take less time to complete the Holy quran and can be a good reciter too.
Once he finishes the basic book (so called as noorani qaida), Start teaching the Holy Quran. He/She can take up to a year to finish the complete holy quran and if you manage to help someone read complete quran, you are one the blessed persons of this world. Allah will Inshallah give you your reward because he loves those who spread his message,

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