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Attributes of Quran Teacher of an Online Academy

As the online teaching methodology is quite different from the old way of learning because in online lessons the kid isn’t in front of the tutor. Although live quran tutoring makes the learning attractive and easy but the teacher of an online quran school should  own some specific skills to deliver effective lessons and should be able to involve the student in the lesson. Following are some of those tips through which a tutor can deliver the best quality lesson to the student.
Professional Quran Teacher of this era
Be friendly
Your behavior should be friendly because if you will act good to the person sitting at the other corner, He/She will continue taking lesson and  If you will loose your control on the student, He/She can leave the computer to bunk the lesson. You must create a friendly environment so that the student would take interest in the lesson and should feel as if the lesson is not a burden but an interesting thing.

Involve the Student
If you want your student to learn quickly, involve him/her in the lesson by giving appropriate rewards on his/her nice try. This is the most effective technique which works great. Leaving the kid to recite the whole Quran lesson him/herself will easy make him/her bore and he/she can escape from the lesson or can easily get irritated from you.

Deliver Quality Lesson
The foremost tip is to read the lesson before delivering it. No one would like to learn from you if you don’t teach well. You should have a strong command on the Quran course you are teaching.

First examine the level of kid then teach Quran
You should know that what is the standard(how genius is the kid) of the kid you are teaching. How much does he/she know about the rules to recite Quran. How fast does he/she pick new things. These are the questions you should be aware of. If you don’t know these basic questions,  all your teaching effort will go in vain.

Teaching Quran whether conventionally or through online sources is a great sawab. According to sayings of Holy Prophet(PBUH): “The best amongst you is the one who learns quran and teaches it”. You should be proud of being one of the best amongst the others and should give quran lessons sincerely and humbly with friendly environment.


Quality tips to learning Quran quickly

Learning Holy Quran is a task which most of the muslims actually wanna do but they don’t find such ways to learn it quickly and effectively. To learn Quran, you should adopt the right way to minimize the time and maximize the learning. If you will not choose the right way, you would not be successful. Following are some of the tips which would help you to learn the Holy Quran quickly.

i) Finding a tutor
If you are an illiterate then finding a tutor for yourself is necessary because you need a direction to start with , once you will find a tutor , the whole problem is solved. But you should try your best to find the most suitable and good tutor for yourself. If you will be comfortable with the teacher , you would surely learn effectively and easily.
Learning the Holy Quran | Holy Book picture with candle

ii) Learn the Basic rules , Tajweed
Let say you don’t want to avail the services of a quran teacher then you should start learning the basic rules of tajweed. You should learn how to pronounce the arabic alphabets correctly. and note it down that if you will note work hard in learning the alphabets and their pronunciation correctly. I should asusre you that learning of holy quran later will be useless.Try try and try. Give more time to learning the alphabets and their pronunciation. It would hardly take 1 week but believe me , once you will be able to pronounce the alphabets correctly , you will be able to recite holy quran easily and correctly.

iii) Give Proper time
Make a timetable and read holy quran regularly, the most appropriate time is read after namaz e fajr. According to a scientific research, the most appropriate time to learn anything is the morning time. Anything you read at this time is saved in the most powerful memory sector of your brain and its difficult to forget those things easily.

iv) Consult a Quran Teacher
If you feel any difficult in learning the the holy quran , you should consult a quran teacher for the guidance, you can find a teacher in you local mosque and almost every teacher is always volunteer to help you in such matters.

Hope it willl help , Jazakallah

Dua in the light of Hadith | Importance of Ramadan

For a Muslim, Dua is considered a weapon. Dua is called as the main part of ebaadat. It is a form of prayer that does not need any fixed time to be observed. It also does not need any specific place or condition to make dua and supplication. Regardless of what situation you are in, you can make dua, seek forgiveness and refuge, shelter and support from Allah.
A person making supplication

When a Muslim makes dua in abundance, this means that his faith and reliance on Allah has increased. No matter what kind of prayer, Allah listens to all. For Allah, no problem is big or small. Whenever a Muslim has complete faith in Him, Allah makes sure that his prayers are answered.

During the blessed and auspicious month of Ramadan, making dua has more rewards and blessings. While fasting, everyone prays to Allah and makes dua and supplication more than normal. It is during this month that Allah imprisons Iblees and enables Muslims to learn simplicity, humility and patience. Therefore, Ramadan is the ideal month to increase the intensity of making dua.

The Prophet (PBUH) in a hadith proclaimed that Allah gets angry on individuals who do not supplicate or seek the forgiveness of Allah. Therefore, dua is an act that cannot and should not be neglected or ignored.

Learning the importance of Dua and Ramadan is very necessary as this is one of the major thing we should know.The one who doesn’t make Dua is usually referred as proud and will not be successful in the life hereafter.

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How to find a Quran tutor

Finding Quran tutor for you or your kids is really an important and a difficult task because there are few teachers who can deliver well organized and easy Quran lessons.  The two most common type of teaching is the conventional and online tutoring. Conventional learning is very difficult in the way that it requires a lot of time to find a Quran tutor while online tutoring allows you to start your lesson today from a qualified teacher sitting in the other corner of the world.

Online Quran tutoring | Quran teacher taking class

Finding Quran tutor in your area
If you are willing to find a teacher in your area, you should contact the local Muslim community, friends or family because this is the most easy and simple way. They would probably know someone who would be wiling to teach your kids. You can even go to the nearby mosque and can have a chit chat with the people there to tell your requirement. There are some websites who allow you to search for a Quran teacher in your area. So these are all the ways you can adopt to search for a tutor in your area.

But i would recommend you to go for Online Quran Tutor . Its simple, easy and fast. You can start your trial class today and can test that whether this type of methodology works for you/your kid or not. I am sure that you would love it.

Best of Luck

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