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Attributes of Quran Teacher of an Online Academy

As the online teaching methodology is quite different from the old way of learning because in online lessons the kid isn’t in front of the tutor. Although live quran tutoring makes the learning attractive and easy but the teacher of an online quran school should  own some specific skills to deliver effective lessons and should be able to involve the student in the lesson. Following are some of those tips through which a tutor can deliver the best quality lesson to the student.
Professional Quran Teacher of this era
Be friendly
Your behavior should be friendly because if you will act good to the person sitting at the other corner, He/She will continue taking lesson and  If you will loose your control on the student, He/She can leave the computer to bunk the lesson. You must create a friendly environment so that the student would take interest in the lesson and should feel as if the lesson is not a burden but an interesting thing.

Involve the Student
If you want your student to learn quickly, involve him/her in the lesson by giving appropriate rewards on his/her nice try. This is the most effective technique which works great. Leaving the kid to recite the whole Quran lesson him/herself will easy make him/her bore and he/she can escape from the lesson or can easily get irritated from you.

Deliver Quality Lesson
The foremost tip is to read the lesson before delivering it. No one would like to learn from you if you don’t teach well. You should have a strong command on the Quran course you are teaching.

First examine the level of kid then teach Quran
You should know that what is the standard(how genius is the kid) of the kid you are teaching. How much does he/she know about the rules to recite Quran. How fast does he/she pick new things. These are the questions you should be aware of. If you don’t know these basic questions,  all your teaching effort will go in vain.

Teaching Quran whether conventionally or through online sources is a great sawab. According to sayings of Holy Prophet(PBUH): “The best amongst you is the one who learns quran and teaches it”. You should be proud of being one of the best amongst the others and should give quran lessons sincerely and humbly with friendly environment.

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