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What You Need To Do To Get The Best Online Quran Reading Experience

If finding the truth of life is the ultimate goal of a person, the best resort one could ever get to is the Holy Quran, a book that is claimed as His very own by none other than the creator of the whole universe, i.e. Allah Almighty:

Qaf [50:29] The Sentence that comes from Me cannot be changed, and I am not unjust to the slaves.”

That is why reading and learning Qur’an becomes essential for those who seek the reality of life and death. That is why Muslims take reading and learning Quran as a basic religious obligation, and nothing can help them do so as effectively as online quran reading in this particular era.

This is because Internet has literally occupied our lives and doing anything through the assistance of internet seems much easier to us. Since Qur’an is the most special book on earth, there are some aspects that should be kept in mind while reading Quran. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Make Quran reading a habit for you, so that you may not forget it by reading it regularly

“We will make you recite so you shall not forget ” [87:6]

  • Read Qur’an in a respectable, slow and steady manner, so that you get most out of it

“…and recite the Qur’an in slow, well-arranged stages, gradually.” [73:4]

  • Contemplate on the verses of Holy Qur’an to get the desired guidance from it

Do they not then consider the Qur’aan carefully? Had it been from other than Allah they would surely have found therein much contradictions} [Qur’aan 4:82]

With online Quran reading you get expert One-on-One guidance from learned Quran tutors who teach you Quran in the best possible manner. Try it and see it for yourself.


Effect of Quran’s Teaching on Islamic Monotheism

The alleged problem, which is pointed out by anti Islamic missionaries, is the most hilarious pieces which were written by the pagans. One of the all time favorite is “another silly claim of theirs”. Live Quran Teaching has reflected the Islamic Monotheism in Arabic language.

Teaching quran to children

Islamophobes have used the vast Arabic language against the Quran. This topic can take on many pages and there are complete books on the Arabic language but the Arabic Islamophobes know nothing about Arabic language. There are many different words in Arabic for lion and camel. According to Islamic missionaries, various meanings of al-Samad result in many different views and this is a problematic area.

The Quran is strictly against the pagan beliefs and strict language is used against them. It is insulting to say that Islamic resources are Pagan. Pilgrimage is found by the Islamophobes in the Hajj, fasting and prayers. The Biblical prophets also need to be pagan, if Islam lies in the pagan category. Attempts have been made by Polytheist Pagans to find paganism in Islam. Another attempt has been made below:

The Islamic expression Allahu Akbar (“Allah is greater”), Muslims take out the meaning that Allah is greater than everything, as a result it smacks down the pagan influence. Allahu Akbar to the Meccan Pagan means means that Allah is greater than all the Gods in the historic settings. In Arabic “Ilah” is represented from the word God and for “The God” Arabic word is “Allah”. It is mostly used by Arabic speaking Christians, Jews and Muslims. In Greek (Matthew 27:46) God is called by his name.