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Effective Ways To Enhance Imaan

Imaan is the Arabic term, which denotes adherence or certitude to the idea. In the Islamic theology, it represents the inner aspect of religion, and also denotes the faith of a believer in the realities of Islam. The term Imaan has now been delineated in the Hadith of Gabriel and Quran. A debate exists between the reason and faith in religion, and the relative importance of each of them. Many scholars contend  the reason from the source; therefore, it must be harmonious.

5 Effective Ways To Enhance Imaan

Given below are some ways by which you can increase your Imaan and make it stronger.

1.      Learning to Read Quran plays an important role in increasing Imaan of a person. Ponder and Recite the meanings of Holy Quran. For getting the optimum benefit, keep on reminding yourself that Allah speaks to you.

2.      Keep in mind that Allah is great. He can control everything. There are signs which tell a person that He is great. Everything happens with His permission. Everything follows the direction of Allah, even a black ant on the black rock.

3.      One must make effort to gain knowledge. As Taqwa is related with knowledge.

4.      There are many gatherings which are surrounded by Angels, try to attend such gatherings where Allah is remembered.

5.      You have to increase the good deeds. One type of good deed leads to another one. Allah makes the way very easy for a person who gives charity and makes doing good deed very easy for him. All the good deeds should be done in a continuous way, rather than in spurts.

Enhancing Imaan is very important as by doing this you can get closer to Allah.

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