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Effective Ways To Enhance Imaan

Imaan is the Arabic term, which denotes adherence or certitude to the idea. In the Islamic theology, it represents the inner aspect of religion, and also denotes the faith of a believer in the realities of Islam. The term Imaan has now been delineated in the Hadith of Gabriel and Quran. A debate exists between the reason and faith in religion, and the relative importance of each of them. Many scholars contend  the reason from the source; therefore, it must be harmonious.

5 Effective Ways To Enhance Imaan

Given below are some ways by which you can increase your Imaan and make it stronger.

1.      Learning to Read Quran plays an important role in increasing Imaan of a person. Ponder and Recite the meanings of Holy Quran. For getting the optimum benefit, keep on reminding yourself that Allah speaks to you.

2.      Keep in mind that Allah is great. He can control everything. There are signs which tell a person that He is great. Everything happens with His permission. Everything follows the direction of Allah, even a black ant on the black rock.

3.      One must make effort to gain knowledge. As Taqwa is related with knowledge.

4.      There are many gatherings which are surrounded by Angels, try to attend such gatherings where Allah is remembered.

5.      You have to increase the good deeds. One type of good deed leads to another one. Allah makes the way very easy for a person who gives charity and makes doing good deed very easy for him. All the good deeds should be done in a continuous way, rather than in spurts.

Enhancing Imaan is very important as by doing this you can get closer to Allah.


Learn to read Quran beautifully by a Quran Teacher at home

Holy Quran is a book of Islam. It is the duty of every Muslim to recite and learn quran from a professional quran teacher but the important thing in reciting Quran is its accent. A good Arabic accent has an effect on the readers mind. Because it is the accent of Almighty Allah himself. He is the one who created the accent in the Universe. A person will be lucky to allege the accent of Almighty Allah. A person must work hard to apprentice Quran, so that he or she can apprehend Quran, appraise over its meanings, act on its teachings and advance a contented life. Such a comfort comes when a person knows how to apprehend Quran and understand its bulletin which then automatically becomes added abreast than those who do not apperceive the Quran article. As Quran does not only acquaint one about assorted religious rituals, it also carries scientific proof as well.
A female teacher of Holy Quran education

The Quran pointed out many facts of the Universe long ago, while they were apparent many centuries later. Like for example, the Quran had declared some fourteen hundred years ago about the earth, moon, the sun and other adorable bodies biking in their orbits. The scientists did not know these facts until several centuries later they were discovered by them. There are lot of charming effects of reciting Quran with good accents as it speaks to the person with affection and mind. The abounding effects of the Quran’s eloquence are abstention of accent, impressiveness, the acceptation of chat has significant value, and it is much brighter than chat itself.

Online Quran School Spreading Holy Quran Teachings

Quran is a divine book and it every single word of the Holy Quran is the word of Allah. This means that through Quran, Allah communicates with His servants directly. It is for this reason that Quran is considered a form of worship and there are many rewards associated with the reading and recitation of Quran. According to a Hadith,

“The best of you is he who learnt the Holy Quran and taught it to others.” (Bukhari)

People often asked the Prophet (PBUH) on how to get their hearts cleaned. The Prophet (PBUH) replied,

“To remember death in abundance and to recite the Holy Quran.” (Mishkat)

Reading and reciting the Holy Quran have many benefits because the Quran is the beloved book of Allah and Allah likes people who read His book so as to understand His message. It is also important to read the Quran regularly because Quran is the book of guidance and direction. Therefore, Muslims should read Quran regularly. According to a Hadith,

“Whoever read the Quran and memorized it and belived its’ Halal to be Halal and its Haram to be Haram [i.e., accepted it commandments of Halal and Haraam], Allah will accept the intercession for such 10 people on from him whom Hell had already become Wajib”. (Tirmizi, Ibn-e-Majah)

For a Muslim, it is important that he understands the Quran and tries to learn something from a Quran School from a quran tutor to live a graceful life. This means that he will follow the teachings of Quran in all aspects of life and will seek guidance from Quran whenever needed.

Quality tips to learning Quran quickly

Learning Holy Quran is a task which most of the muslims actually wanna do but they don’t find such ways to learn it quickly and effectively. To learn Quran, you should adopt the right way to minimize the time and maximize the learning. If you will not choose the right way, you would not be successful. Following are some of the tips which would help you to learn the Holy Quran quickly.

i) Finding a tutor
If you are an illiterate then finding a tutor for yourself is necessary because you need a direction to start with , once you will find a tutor , the whole problem is solved. But you should try your best to find the most suitable and good tutor for yourself. If you will be comfortable with the teacher , you would surely learn effectively and easily.
Learning the Holy Quran | Holy Book picture with candle

ii) Learn the Basic rules , Tajweed
Let say you don’t want to avail the services of a quran teacher then you should start learning the basic rules of tajweed. You should learn how to pronounce the arabic alphabets correctly. and note it down that if you will note work hard in learning the alphabets and their pronunciation correctly. I should asusre you that learning of holy quran later will be useless.Try try and try. Give more time to learning the alphabets and their pronunciation. It would hardly take 1 week but believe me , once you will be able to pronounce the alphabets correctly , you will be able to recite holy quran easily and correctly.

iii) Give Proper time
Make a timetable and read holy quran regularly, the most appropriate time is read after namaz e fajr. According to a scientific research, the most appropriate time to learn anything is the morning time. Anything you read at this time is saved in the most powerful memory sector of your brain and its difficult to forget those things easily.

iv) Consult a Quran Teacher
If you feel any difficult in learning the the holy quran , you should consult a quran teacher for the guidance, you can find a teacher in you local mosque and almost every teacher is always volunteer to help you in such matters.

Hope it willl help , Jazakallah

How to find a Quran tutor

Finding Quran tutor for you or your kids is really an important and a difficult task because there are few teachers who can deliver well organized and easy Quran lessons.  The two most common type of teaching is the conventional and online tutoring. Conventional learning is very difficult in the way that it requires a lot of time to find a Quran tutor while online tutoring allows you to start your lesson today from a qualified teacher sitting in the other corner of the world.

Online Quran tutoring | Quran teacher taking class

Finding Quran tutor in your area
If you are willing to find a teacher in your area, you should contact the local Muslim community, friends or family because this is the most easy and simple way. They would probably know someone who would be wiling to teach your kids. You can even go to the nearby mosque and can have a chit chat with the people there to tell your requirement. There are some websites who allow you to search for a Quran teacher in your area. So these are all the ways you can adopt to search for a tutor in your area.

But i would recommend you to go for Online Quran Tutor . Its simple, easy and fast. You can start your trial class today and can test that whether this type of methodology works for you/your kid or not. I am sure that you would love it.

Best of Luck

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Convenient Quran Classes for kids and adults online

Don’t you think that it was a difficult thing to search for a quran academy or to find schedules of quran classes and then choosing the most appropriate one for your kids for their quran education? The major problem was that it was difficult for most of the parents because they were even unable to take some time to do that. Online quran classes solved their problem by introducing online classes for kids and adults through convenient and easy conversational software. Online classes organized by the institutes having aim to spread Allah’s message try to make it easy and affordable for the people to learn quran from them. I proudly admire those quran schools offering quran classes at lowest possible charges(they should charge to meet their expenses) but would recommend you to ignore such institutes who just have an aim to earn more..
I found a review and online quran academies and was surprised to see that there is a hell of difference of charges between different quran schools. Some offer one to one quran classes at 45$ per month while some at 60$ , and some even provide quran classes free of cost(you should meet some conditions to take free classes). Anyways here is the review.

Quran academies review

My original aim was to discuss the convenient corner of online quran classes , here are some of the things where you would surely see the benefits of online learning.

1) Can you go to the mosque with your kid to see that how is your kids progressing or even can you sit with your kid while he/she is taking quran classes at home(probably no because you don’t wanna disturb him/her)? Surely no ,
You can sit with your kid whenever you would like when he/she would be taking online classes without hesitation because your kid will be involved with the quran tutor on computer

2) Its difficult to know that how your kid is progressing while he is taking manual classes but online quran classes are the easiest and most appropriate way to see the progress of your kid .

There are a number of other advantages which i would surely discuss with you , the top most quran academy according to the above review offers free quran learning and quran classes at lowest charges so would like to link to them , here is there link
Online Quran Classes
Its time to go , Thankyou for reading , May Allah bless you