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Quran Teaching Is Necessary To Help Others Better Understand The Signs Of Allah Almighty

Being a Muslim means submitting yourself wholly to the will and commandments of Allah Almighty, Who not only created human beings, but also whole of the universe.

And one of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your tongues and colors; most surely there are signs in this for the learned. (30:22)

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What Quran Learning can bring to humans

This verse of Qur’an not only reveals to us that Allah Almighty created heavens and earth (universe), but also tells us that these also contain signs and symbols for those who are truly learned. Now, the question is that what is it that makes humans learned?

Well, following the instructions of Allah (SWT) and contemplating on His signs and symbols is what makes humans learned. Allah Almighty has endowed humanity with a source of learning that invokes the true love, respect, and understanding about Him, i.e. the Holy Quran. The following verse clearly tells us that Quran is referred as a source of guidance by none other than Allah (SWT).

Al-Baqara [2:231]   …..He sent down to you the book and Wisdom, for your instruction. And fear Allah and know that Allah is well acquainted with all things.

That is why Quran learning and Quran Teacher is considered as one of the prime religious obligation for all Muslims, so that not only they become able to better understand the signs of Allah (SWT), but help others to do so as well. Look what Prophet Muhammad (PBU) tells us about Quran learning and teaching:

“The best of you is he who has learnt the Qur’an and then taught it.” (Bukhari)

Quran Teaching Is Necessary To Help Others Better Understand The Signs Of Allah Almighty

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Effect of Quran’s Teaching on Islamic Monotheism

The alleged problem, which is pointed out by anti Islamic missionaries, is the most hilarious pieces which were written by the pagans. One of the all time favorite is “another silly claim of theirs”. Live Quran Teaching has reflected the Islamic Monotheism in Arabic language.

Teaching quran to children

Islamophobes have used the vast Arabic language against the Quran. This topic can take on many pages and there are complete books on the Arabic language but the Arabic Islamophobes know nothing about Arabic language. There are many different words in Arabic for lion and camel. According to Islamic missionaries, various meanings of al-Samad result in many different views and this is a problematic area.

The Quran is strictly against the pagan beliefs and strict language is used against them. It is insulting to say that Islamic resources are Pagan. Pilgrimage is found by the Islamophobes in the Hajj, fasting and prayers. The Biblical prophets also need to be pagan, if Islam lies in the pagan category. Attempts have been made by Polytheist Pagans to find paganism in Islam. Another attempt has been made below:

The Islamic expression Allahu Akbar (“Allah is greater”), Muslims take out the meaning that Allah is greater than everything, as a result it smacks down the pagan influence. Allahu Akbar to the Meccan Pagan means means that Allah is greater than all the Gods in the historic settings. In Arabic “Ilah” is represented from the word God and for “The God” Arabic word is “Allah”. It is mostly used by Arabic speaking Christians, Jews and Muslims. In Greek (Matthew 27:46) God is called by his name.

Learn to read Quran beautifully by a Quran Teacher at home

Holy Quran is a book of Islam. It is the duty of every Muslim to recite and learn quran from a professional quran teacher but the important thing in reciting Quran is its accent. A good Arabic accent has an effect on the readers mind. Because it is the accent of Almighty Allah himself. He is the one who created the accent in the Universe. A person will be lucky to allege the accent of Almighty Allah. A person must work hard to apprentice Quran, so that he or she can apprehend Quran, appraise over its meanings, act on its teachings and advance a contented life. Such a comfort comes when a person knows how to apprehend Quran and understand its bulletin which then automatically becomes added abreast than those who do not apperceive the Quran article. As Quran does not only acquaint one about assorted religious rituals, it also carries scientific proof as well.
A female teacher of Holy Quran education

The Quran pointed out many facts of the Universe long ago, while they were apparent many centuries later. Like for example, the Quran had declared some fourteen hundred years ago about the earth, moon, the sun and other adorable bodies biking in their orbits. The scientists did not know these facts until several centuries later they were discovered by them. There are lot of charming effects of reciting Quran with good accents as it speaks to the person with affection and mind. The abounding effects of the Quran’s eloquence are abstention of accent, impressiveness, the acceptation of chat has significant value, and it is much brighter than chat itself.

Online Quran Organizations Hire Female Quran Teachers for Online Tutoring

Most individuals prefer to have female Quran tutors for their daughters as they are not comfortable with their daughter learning Quran from a male teacher. However, there is a lack of female Quran tutors and for this reason, many parents had to compromise and carry on with the male Quran tutors.
Female Quran tutor attending the online session
Because of this reason, many Quran Schools faced problems and lost students only because they did not have female Quran tutors and the parents did not want their daughters to be taught from male Quran tutors. Hence, these online Quran tutoring schools started hiring female tutors for their female students. There are not many female Quran tutors not because women are not capable, but because they do not have the right platform to come to the front and start tutoring Quran to Muslim children. With the online Quran learning schools, even female Quran teachers are comfortable to teach children the basics of Quran and Islam. These Quran schools have eliminated the need to go to mosques and other Quran schools and now parents can inculcate basic Islamic knowledge to their daughters from the safety of their homes. Therefore, if you are one of those parents who have had trouble finding female Quran tutors for your daughter, you can simply register or become a member of these online Quran tutoring schools. This way, you will not have to worry about the safety of your daughter or go through the hassle of driving your child to and from the Quran School. Therefore, register your daughter with an online Quran school and hire a female Quran teacher for her. Hope this article will help you. Jazakallah

Attributes of Quran Teacher of an Online Academy

As the online teaching methodology is quite different from the old way of learning because in online lessons the kid isn’t in front of the tutor. Although live quran tutoring makes the learning attractive and easy but the teacher of an online quran school should  own some specific skills to deliver effective lessons and should be able to involve the student in the lesson. Following are some of those tips through which a tutor can deliver the best quality lesson to the student.
Professional Quran Teacher of this era
Be friendly
Your behavior should be friendly because if you will act good to the person sitting at the other corner, He/She will continue taking lesson and  If you will loose your control on the student, He/She can leave the computer to bunk the lesson. You must create a friendly environment so that the student would take interest in the lesson and should feel as if the lesson is not a burden but an interesting thing.

Involve the Student
If you want your student to learn quickly, involve him/her in the lesson by giving appropriate rewards on his/her nice try. This is the most effective technique which works great. Leaving the kid to recite the whole Quran lesson him/herself will easy make him/her bore and he/she can escape from the lesson or can easily get irritated from you.

Deliver Quality Lesson
The foremost tip is to read the lesson before delivering it. No one would like to learn from you if you don’t teach well. You should have a strong command on the Quran course you are teaching.

First examine the level of kid then teach Quran
You should know that what is the standard(how genius is the kid) of the kid you are teaching. How much does he/she know about the rules to recite Quran. How fast does he/she pick new things. These are the questions you should be aware of. If you don’t know these basic questions,  all your teaching effort will go in vain.

Teaching Quran whether conventionally or through online sources is a great sawab. According to sayings of Holy Prophet(PBUH): “The best amongst you is the one who learns quran and teaches it”. You should be proud of being one of the best amongst the others and should give quran lessons sincerely and humbly with friendly environment.