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Online Quran Organizations Hire Female Quran Teachers for Online Tutoring

Most individuals prefer to have female Quran tutors for their daughters as they are not comfortable with their daughter learning Quran from a male teacher. However, there is a lack of female Quran tutors and for this reason, many parents had to compromise and carry on with the male Quran tutors.
Female Quran tutor attending the online session
Because of this reason, many Quran Schools faced problems and lost students only because they did not have female Quran tutors and the parents did not want their daughters to be taught from male Quran tutors. Hence, these online Quran tutoring schools started hiring female tutors for their female students. There are not many female Quran tutors not because women are not capable, but because they do not have the right platform to come to the front and start tutoring Quran to Muslim children. With the online Quran learning schools, even female Quran teachers are comfortable to teach children the basics of Quran and Islam. These Quran schools have eliminated the need to go to mosques and other Quran schools and now parents can inculcate basic Islamic knowledge to their daughters from the safety of their homes. Therefore, if you are one of those parents who have had trouble finding female Quran tutors for your daughter, you can simply register or become a member of these online Quran tutoring schools. This way, you will not have to worry about the safety of your daughter or go through the hassle of driving your child to and from the Quran School. Therefore, register your daughter with an online Quran school and hire a female Quran teacher for her. Hope this article will help you. Jazakallah