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Quality tips to learning Quran quickly

Learning Holy Quran is a task which most of the muslims actually wanna do but they don’t find such ways to learn it quickly and effectively. To learn Quran, you should adopt the right way to minimize the time and maximize the learning. If you will not choose the right way, you would not be successful. Following are some of the tips which would help you to learn the Holy Quran quickly.

i) Finding a tutor
If you are an illiterate then finding a tutor for yourself is necessary because you need a direction to start with , once you will find a tutor , the whole problem is solved. But you should try your best to find the most suitable and good tutor for yourself. If you will be comfortable with the teacher , you would surely learn effectively and easily.
Learning the Holy Quran | Holy Book picture with candle

ii) Learn the Basic rules , Tajweed
Let say you don’t want to avail the services of a quran teacher then you should start learning the basic rules of tajweed. You should learn how to pronounce the arabic alphabets correctly. and note it down that if you will note work hard in learning the alphabets and their pronunciation correctly. I should asusre you that learning of holy quran later will be useless.Try try and try. Give more time to learning the alphabets and their pronunciation. It would hardly take 1 week but believe me , once you will be able to pronounce the alphabets correctly , you will be able to recite holy quran easily and correctly.

iii) Give Proper time
Make a timetable and read holy quran regularly, the most appropriate time is read after namaz e fajr. According to a scientific research, the most appropriate time to learn anything is the morning time. Anything you read at this time is saved in the most powerful memory sector of your brain and its difficult to forget those things easily.

iv) Consult a Quran Teacher
If you feel any difficult in learning the the holy quran , you should consult a quran teacher for the guidance, you can find a teacher in you local mosque and almost every teacher is always volunteer to help you in such matters.

Hope it willl help , Jazakallah