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Dua in the light of Hadith | Importance of Ramadan

For a Muslim, Dua is considered a weapon. Dua is called as the main part of ebaadat. It is a form of prayer that does not need any fixed time to be observed. It also does not need any specific place or condition to make dua and supplication. Regardless of what situation you are in, you can make dua, seek forgiveness and refuge, shelter and support from Allah.
A person making supplication

When a Muslim makes dua in abundance, this means that his faith and reliance on Allah has increased. No matter what kind of prayer, Allah listens to all. For Allah, no problem is big or small. Whenever a Muslim has complete faith in Him, Allah makes sure that his prayers are answered.

During the blessed and auspicious month of Ramadan, making dua has more rewards and blessings. While fasting, everyone prays to Allah and makes dua and supplication more than normal. It is during this month that Allah imprisons Iblees and enables Muslims to learn simplicity, humility and patience. Therefore, Ramadan is the ideal month to increase the intensity of making dua.

The Prophet (PBUH) in a hadith proclaimed that Allah gets angry on individuals who do not supplicate or seek the forgiveness of Allah. Therefore, dua is an act that cannot and should not be neglected or ignored.

Learning the importance of Dua and Ramadan is very necessary as this is one of the major thing we should know.The one who doesn’t make Dua is usually referred as proud and will not be successful in the life hereafter.

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