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Online Quran Reading

Assalam o alakum brothers and sisters ,
Holy Quran is the only book which is a key to success for us. Reading and Reciting holy quran and learniing it is necessary to take maximum sawab. We know that we can’t take holy quran with ourselves with us where-ever we go as before reading or reciting it , one has to do ablution to make him neat and clean. Reading Holy Quran online is easy and convenient as you can open holy quran on any PC having a connectivity to internet. If you don’t know how to read holy quran, you can even take quran classes from best known teachers of an online quran academy.
Here is one of the well known quran reading academy for online quran teaching.

Hope it helped , Jazakallah

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Noorani Qaida , Learn to read Noorani Qaida free

Noorani qaida is a basic book which is used to taught rules of pronouncing Arabic alphabets to the newbies. Noorani qaida is one of the most popular book for the people who are new to holy quran recitation. Learning holy quran is most important for muslims, so before learning they should have a complete idea about how to recite holy quran correctly because pronouncing letters differently can change the meanings of the ayah. So Noornani qaida is first learned to learn the tajweed rules. For your convenience here is an effective and easy Noorani Qaida online along with easy and simple videos to make you learn noorani qaida fast.

Noorani Qaida


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Beautiful Quran Recitation

This kid’s recitation is awesome , i love to listen his voice , here is his recitation , May allah bless him


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Online Quran Teaching

Holy quran is a book by Allah Almighty sent through the Messenger Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) . Holy Prophet(PBUH) is the last messenger of Allah. Its necessary for us to follow the teachings of our last Prophet(PBUH) . He says “The best among you is the one who learns quran and teaches it” . From this hadith,  we can infer the importance of teaching quran in islam. The one spreading quran education is the best among all , subhanallah , who wouldn’t like to be the best ? surely everyone ,

Providing quran education to your kids is difficult due the lack of quran tutors near to our home and we can’t even let our children quran illiterate. To overcome this problem , Online quran academies were created with the aim of spreading holy quran education all over the world.

Online Quran academies provide effective quran education to kids and adults. Different academies have different charges. Most of the academies provide quran tutoring in affordable charges because their basic aim is to spread the teachings of holy quran.

May allah almighty bless all such institutes and make them able to spread the truth as long as possible


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